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International Student Health Insurance


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Why Do I need Health Insurance?
Insurance Costs
Information about the Insurance Plan
Health Insurance Requirements


Where to go for medical care
Assistance with understanding your coverage or medical bills

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all international students who are in:
F-1 or F-2 status and enrolled in classes; or
J-1 or J-2 dependent status (regardless of enrollment) for the duration of their program.

F-1, F-2, and J-1 students enrolling in classes are automatically charged for the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources insurance coverage, regardless of their course load.
The charge for insurance is automatically added to your student tuition and fees bill when you enroll in classes. Please reference the Insurance Costs page for information on the fees associated with this insurance plan.  The automatic charge will only apply to a single student enrolled in classes, but you have the option to add a spouse or children to your insurance for an additional cost.

ECI is a company that manages insurance enrollment.  They can help answer questions about enrolling in the insurance plan, the insurance requirements, and the waiver process.  This number is dedicated to ESU students: 833-249-0574.
Before the semester begins, you will receive emails from ECI.  These emails include information about the insurance plan and information on how to set up an account to access your insurance.  Please set up your account with ECI as soon as you begin receiving emails from them. 
Important:  You will only be able to set up an account with ECI using the email they send to you.  They send you a secure link that will only work for you.  Please enroll using this link when you receive the first email from ECI.
We encourage you to enroll in your insurance plan when you get the email from ECI, instead of waiting for us to enroll you automatically.  If you take the steps to enroll yourself, you will be more familiar with the plan and the benefits that come with it.  Enrolling right away also ensures that your coverage begins on time.  You will not be charged for the insurance until you arrive in Emporia and begin your studies.  The charge for insurance is added to your school bill.