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J-1 Academic Training

Academic training is an opportunity for J-1 exchange students to participate in temporary professional training activities (paid or unpaid) related to their academic program. It may be engaged in either during or after completion of the period of study.

  1. You must be primarily in the U.S. to study rather than engage in Academic Training.
  2. The academic training must be directly related to your major field of study as listed on your DS-2019.
  3. You must be in good academic standing (at least 2.00 cumulative ESU GPA for undergraduate and 3.00 for graduate).
  4. You must receive written approval for the Academic Training in advance from an international student advisor.

Time Limitation
You can be authorized to participate in academic training for the length of time necessary to complete the goals and objectives of the training, provided that:
  1. Undergraduate gradaute training does not exceed 18 months (inclusive of any prior academic training in the U. S.).
  2. Post-doctoral training does not exceed 36 months, authorized up to 18-month at a time (inclusive of any prior academic training in the United States).
Note: You cannot receive academic training for a period longer than you have spent pursuing a full course of study in the U.S. Non-degree seeking students also cannot stay in the U.S. more than a total of 24 months (including all study and academic training).

When to Apply?
You may request academic training authorization at any time during the academic program or within thirty days after the completion of studies as indicated by your academic advisor on their “Academic Training Recommendation.” The employment must be authorized no later than 30 days after the date studies are completed; however, the employment does not need to begin within 30 days of finishing school. For example, you may complete a degree on May 31, but not have a job starting until August 1. The authorization needs to be obtained by June 30. 

Also note, the clock starts ticking towards the maximum time limitation (of 18 or 36 months) either on the day employment begins or on the 30th day after completion of studies (whether employment begins then or not), whichever occurs first. In the example above, if you have 18 months of Academic Training, the 18-months clock starts running on June 30, not August 1 when the job starts. The authorization will then end 18 months after June 30 even though you haven’t worked the full 18 months.

How to Apply?
Consult your J-1 program sponsor (indicated in #2 of your DS-2019). Your sponsor must authorize the academic training.

The following procedure is for students sponsored by Emporia State University:

Part 1 - Academic Advisor or Dean Recommendation
  • Provide your academic advisor’s or dean’s name and email. 
  • You are expected to meet with your academic advisor / dean regarding the academic training request in advance of submitting Part 1.
  • The person you indicate will receive an email and will need to provide:
    • Name of academic training supervisor
    • Name of employer
    • Address of employer
    • Number of hours per week
    • Dates of academic training
  • The advisor/dean will also have to:
    • describe the goals and objectives of the training program
    • why it is an integral or critical part of the academic program and
    • how it relates to your major field of study.
​Part 2 - Health Insurance
U.S. regulations require you to carry health insurance throughout your J-1 program, including any academic training for yourself and all of your J-2 dependents. You must ensure there is no gap in coverage and you meet the minimum insurance requirements defined by the U.S. government.
Part 3 - Funding
Post completion Academic Training will require proof of finances for the period of academic training. Upload proof of finances, which may be:
  • academic training salary
  • personal or family savings
  • a combination of salary and savings
At a minimum you must show you have at least 125% of poverty guidelines.

Note: If you have already started a request, do not start a new request. Please go to your User Home Page to continue working on your request.

When can I come to the OIE to process the academic training?
AFTER all 3 parts are submitted you will receive an E-mail from OIE that instructs you to schedule an appointment and meet with an immigration advisor to process the academic training.