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Why Do I Need Health Insurance?


It is important to note that a lack of insurance can result in significant financial debt and possible denial of medical services!  Some providers will refuse to see you if you do not have insurance.  Other providers may see you, but it will be very expensive.  

The Kansas Board of Regents requires that all International Students have adequate insurance for the duration of their time at any University in Kansas.  This is so that students can be sure to receive necessary care and treatment for any accident, illness, or injury that may occur while studying in Kansas.  We want you to stay healthy and safe, and health insurance helps us make that happen. 
Travel Insurance is not an adequate replacement for health insurance.  Travel insurance is not the same as health insurance and does not provide enough benefits for someone who is hoping to live in the United States for an extended length of time, such as an entire semester.  The Kansas Board of Regents does not consider that Travel Insurance adequately proves for the needs of international students in Kansas.
The American Health Care system may be very different from what you are used to in your country, and it can be difficult to understand the Health Insurance Process. If you need help or have questions, informational videos on the following topics, as well as other important topics, can be found at UnitedHealthcare StudentResources  (UHCSR)