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Understanding Medical Bills

Please ask yourself these questions:
1. Did you show the doctor’s office your insurance identification card?
You must show the doctor’s office your identification card at the time you receive service. After you create an online account, you can view and print your personal identification cards online.
2. Has the doctor’s office sent your bill to the insurance company?

 If you have shown your doctor’s office an identification card, the doctor’s office will submit your bill to the insurance company.
3. Has the insurance company received the bill?

When the bill is received by the insurance company, you will be able to view its status on your online account, here: You can also call the insurance company and ask about the status of your bill: 1-888-344-6104.
4. Did the insurance company send you a request for more information?
 Please watch your email and your home mailbox closely. Sometimes UHC will request additional information regarding your Physician’s History or your Enrollment Eligibility. The insurance company will not pay any portion of the bill until they receive these forms from you.
 5. Was your bill adjusted?
You will receive an updated bill from the doctor’s office after insurance pays their portion of the bill. This process often takes 4-6 weeks.

Do you still have questions?
Please call the Student Wellness Center at 620-341-5222.  They can help you understand this process or direct you to the correct resources on campus.

For more information about how to use your Insurance Plan when you need medical care, please see the United Healthcare Freqeuently Asked Questions page.  The section labelled
"How to use your student insurance plan benefits" has useful information about using your insurance plan in different situations.